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Boats for fishing and sea canoeing

Υou can use one of our boats for fishing - exploring the cists or you can use some of our canoes. For our pension costumers only.

We would like also to present you  some ideas on what you can do, how far you can go with our Boats, canoes and pedal-boats.

Starting from Potos and having a direction to Limenaria, you can:

Visit the beaches of Hotel Alexandra, Pefkari and two isolated small bays located between Pefkari and Limenaria. 
• See and swim at Metallia beach.
• Visit Limenaria and reach even the beach of Tripiti.

You must have in mind that the canoes and pedal-boats traffic is permissible only 500 meters offshore.

Exploring the coasts southward of Potos and considering how far your powers can get you:

Row up to the Cape of Agios Antonios, discover the small isolated bays and sea caves, have a close observation of rare sea-birds and their natural biotopes and get to the two wonderful beaches of Rosogremos at the other end of cape. 
• Since your physical condition permits it you may reach up to Psili Ammos Beach and Salonikios Cape.

Things are different with our boats.
Apart of all abovementioned you may also:

  • Go fishing on open sea. Yes we can tell you where...

Explore Paanagia islet a habitat of rare birds and thousands of seagulls. 
• Navigate by the south shores of Thassos and discover your own paradise. We promise you that your vacations will remain unforgettable by travelling next to wild shores of south and getting to places reachable only by sea. 
• Visit Aliki, see and get familiar with this wonderful and ancient place.

ATTENTION: Providing that you will not get bewitched by Thassos Serine and you will be back to Potos before sunset.

 Our boats and Cayaks Our boats and Cayaks Our boats and Cayaks
 Our boats and Cayaks Our boats and Cayaks Our boats and Cayaks

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