Thassos forest in Ypsarion mountain
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Thassos Island Nature Sites

Macedonia - Greece

This presentation is dedicated to providing information about Thassos Island Greece nature. It offers information on sight-seeing excursions, beaches, wild life, history and photos. Visit our travel and photo directory.

Remote from the organised mass tourism of Athens and the more famous Greek islands, the Macedonian island of Thassos remains relatively unknown, although it is easily accessible from the mainland. With thousands of years of Greek history on its shoulders and its unique natural landscape, Thassos is still known as the "Emerald of the Aegean" despite the forest fires which have devastated some of its woodland in recent years. There are traditional mountain villages and sparkling beaches, the remains of prehistoric settlements, relicts of the ancient and classical eras, early Christian basilicas built on the ruins of ancient temples, old churches and dozens of tiny sanctuaries dotted about the landscape, making Thassos one of the most important travel destinations in the Greek part of Macedonia.

The only Macedonian island!