Pension Aldebaran Potos - Thasos.


    Pension Aldebaran

    Πανσιόν Αλδεβαράν

Rooms and studios in the center of Potos but in quiet neighborhood

50 meters from the sea .

Cheap prices

Wi - Fi

Information and GPS data on attractions , trails , places for fishing, walks in Thassos .

Canoes and pedalos

Ability to use one of our boats for fishing or small tours.

Guided tours for bird watching on land and sea with jeap or boats from April to 15 May and September until 20 October

Boats and canoes for tours or fishing

Μια από τις βάρκες σε αποστολή καταμέτρισης θαλασσοπουλιών

Get familiar with what you can not see from land roads .

Explore the south coasts .

Discover your own Paradise .

Experience nature at the Sea of Thassos .

You can use our boats for fishing or our canoes.

Our boats come from Norway, is made ​​of polyethylene and is unsinkable and unbreakable

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Birdwatching on Thassos and surrounding areas

Pufinus yelcouan

In Spring and Autumn million birds migrate and many of them stop in Thassos . It is the time when you can see everything everywhere .

Me Yannis Markianos owner of the pension I am one of the founders of the environmental movement of Thassos and active member of the Greek Ornithological Society . I work for years voluntarily watching the birds and habitats of Thassos as iba caretacker.

As a former fisherman I come regularly to the sea with my boat for counting and monitoring seabird especially in spring .I also know very well the important bird areas in northern Greece and in particular areas such as Portolagos, Ismarida, Dadia, Evros delta and Kerkini .

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